Our Team



Mickey D’Iorio

Quartermaster a.k.a. CEO & Founder

Nationality: Italy

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Mickey has 6 years experience teaching Computer Science both at Primary School and University level in Thailand.

In 2006 he founded Techfido Online Solutions, he developed TechFeedo news aggregator that was later acquired by AOL. Today he is Marketing at Spinwild and Co-founder at Italian Liners .

Superpower: he can turn his schedule from busy into busier. Instantly.


Fabrizio Martino

Space Navigator a.k.a. Project Manager & Co-founder

Nationality: Italy

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Fabrizio has been working in 3D design, video and graphic editing for over 5 years. He moved to Thailand in 2012.

Fabrizio has also experience as Italian language teacher abroad. Today he is Senior 3D Designer at PRMEDIA360.

Superpower: he always has the answer, and it’s usually Lego.


Michael Drummond

Life support a.k.a. Project Coordinator

Nationality: U.S.A.

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Michael has 35 years teaching experience in Asia: Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea and Thailand. Today he is Pedagogy professor at University level in South Korea.

Michael is also Buddhism Theology professor and has collaborated with PRMEDIA360 to create MOOCs for various Korean universities.

Superpower: he knows Asia better than the Discovery Channel…


Massimiliano La Franca

Marketing and Business Advisor

Nationality: Italy

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Narin Siritaranukul


Nationality: Thailand

Location: Bangkok, Thailand


Jari Soini

Eagle Eye Master of Details

Nationality: Finland

Location: Cebu, Philippines

Jari is a industry software industry veteran having over 17 years of hands-on experience varying from R&D unit management, process development, project and account management and software product development.

He is an startup entrepreneur with a successful exit. Has been an essential part of a company’s development from a privately owned outsourcing company to a stock listed international company.

Jari is/has been strategy, business development and financial advisor for multiple companies varying from startups to multinational stock-listed companies.

He is a leader with a track record in ramping up, developing and leading software teams in Finland, Estonia, Romania, China and Philippines.

Superpower: he can spot errors light years away.

Minna Soini

Madam Headmaster of Codeprofessors

Nationality: Finland

Location: Cebu, Philippines

Minna is a teacher, who comes from the mecca of education pilgrimage, Finland. She is an education professional, who has over a decade of teaching experience in Europe and Asia.

Minna possesses wide knowledge of different learning styles due to her working background in various educational settings, including early childhood students, students from six to twelve years of age and adults.

Minna has a Master Degree in Education and she is specialized in psychology and preschool, primary and special education. She is an educator with strong vision how to use technology in teaching and learning.

Superpower: she tamed Python while adventuring in the digital jungle.

With the playful collaboration of our children and nephews as project managers :)

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